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Karola Wegerich

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9356 - Dollkit 19" : Johanna ¾ arms - ¾ legs

Sculpt by Karola Wegerich

Article code: 9356

Dollkit 19" : Johanna - ¾ arms and ¾ Legs

Sculpt by :  Karola wegerich

The kit is made up of unpainted vinyl parts (Head, arms and legs) 
Size of the finished doll: Approx. 19 Inch / 48cm 
Vinyl parts: 3/4 Arms, 3/4 legs - Real Effect® Soft vinyl Phatalat free
Eye size: 20 mm (have to be bought extra)
Fitting body: Real Effect® Flanell body 
Head circumference: 14,4 inch / 37cm
Foot length: 2,88 inch / 7,2 cm 

Each of our specially designed Real Effect bodies has been designed together with the artist to achieve the perfect disc jointed body for each kit.

Due to the fact that all of our kits have unique are have different sized legs and arms, the bodies are also all different

Original kit from German producers Real Effect®. Made in Germany!
One of the few producers in the world that has their products made in Germany Real Effect®, Dollreader Magazine in the USA noted the kits as being a "Milestone in the world of realism".
All of our models are high quality artistic and collector dolls and therefore and not designed for children. 

The following upgrade options are available: 
  • Real Effect® flanellen body

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