Sneak Peek Pip

Sneak Peek!                          

Doll kit 16.5": Pip
Cassie Brace
Limited edition

Name:  Pip
Size : 16.5 inch - 41 cm 
Eyes : -- mm
Delivery : April/May 2020
As off February 4, 2020

Pip is an adorable premature baby by Cassie Brace. 
She has complete full arms and full legs.

Pip is sculpted with the most beautiful and realistic details of a baby, such as and creases and wrinkels in her limbs.

The kit is made of high quality soft skin coloured vinyl. 
Vinyl produced in China and phtalate free! 

The doll kit comes complete with:
Unpainted vinyl parts
  • Head
  • Full arms
  • Full legs
  • Special cloth body
  • COA - Numbered Certificate