Sneak peek Salia

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Dollkit 12" : Salia
Olga Auer

Open Edition.

Pre- order Date: December 8th - 2018
at 18,00 hrs. CET - Delivery  : January 2019

Name: Salia
Size :12 inch - 30 cm 
Eyes:  -- mm

A really heart melting new sculpt from Olga Auer this little cutie Salia. 
She will be 12 inches (approx 30 cm.) She has full arms and legs.
Salia has one bent and one straight leg. Her length of 12 inches (30 cm.) is measured at largest length (straight leg).
Her head circumference is 8.5 inches (21,5 cm.)

Salia was sculpted with the most beautiful and realistic details of a newborn baby, wrinkles and creases. Olga Auer has chosen for a tiny size, but she is simply adorable. A special body for Salia  is included in the reborn kit + a tiny belly plate.
Also a certificate of authenticity (not numbered) is included.   

The kit will consist of: 
  • Unpainted vinyl head, full arms and full legs.
    • Head
    • Full length arms
    • Full length Legs
  • a tiny belly plate
  • Cloth body (a special design for Salia)