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250300 - Painting Kit: Basic Genesis Paint set -Soon available

As seen in our Genesis Painting DVD. Nine paints in all.

Article code: AW250300

Painting Kit: Basic Genesis Paint set 

As seen in our Genesis Painting DVD. Nine paints in all.

People use many different kinds of paint to reborn their dolls. Unfortunately they also have many problems which can include the paint coming off or bleeding. Secrist has the perfect solution: 

Genesis Heat Set Paints. These paints are the closest thing to professional doll factory paint that Pat has ever seen. The paint goes on smooth and when heat set properly it stays on for good. With this paint you can blush the cheeks, paint the lips, eyebrows, and more. This set of paints includes the essential colors based on our training video entitled, "The Art of Newborning." 
If you're not sure what paints to use then this set makes it very easy. It comes with everything you need all in one box. And if you want excellent training in how to paint your reborn baby pick up our new video, "The Art of Newborning." You can actually watch Secrist's own professional reborner and sculptor, Stephanie Sullivan , use these paints to create beautiful dolls right before your eyes. 
The Genesis Paints Basic Paint Set comes with 9 different colors and a bottle of Odorless Thinner. These are the colors used in our Genesis Painting DVD. 

Here's what the Basic Genesis Paint kit includes:
  • Tutorial catalogus 2010
  • Glazing Gel
  • Burnt Umber
  • Phthalo Blue 03
  • Phthalo Green 06
  • Titanium White
  • Dioxazine Purple 02 
  • Flesh 08 
  • Flesh 07
  • Pyrrole Red 04
  • 250 ml Odorless Thinner 
  • Storage box
Content Paint 30 ml 

-Soon available -