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380070 - Body : Clothbody

Full limbs - Non Jointed + Wrinkled Bottom

Article code: AW380070

380070 - Body :  Clothbody

Clothbody for Full Limbs

Designed for babies with long limbs.

The vinyl parts are secured with cloth laces and allow themselves still to be moved. That helps the babies to be positioned.

If you still want to use the plastic cable ties, have a look in the tools section.
Available Sizes:
  • B - 18 inch / 45 cm
  • C - 20 inch / 55 cm
  • D - 22 inch / 55 cm

If you need a body for a specific doll, but dont know which one, then please contact us and we will help you choose.

For artistic purposes. Our products are therefore only suitable for adults, and therefore, like the end product, not suitable for children.

€ 11.95