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6102 - DVD: Genisis Heat Set Paints Training Engelstalig

Highly detailed training with many close ups!

Article code: 6102

Genesis Heat Set Paints Training DVD 
Two hours of training on the use of Genesis Heat Set Paints


Many people have been asking us for even more training on the use of 
Genesis Heat-set paints. This new training DVD has two hours of in depth 
lessons on everything from mixing paints, what brushes to use and how 
to use them, pouncing on the skin textures, and even a section on ethnic 
painting and colors. There's even more for you to see and learn. Pat Secrist 
and Stephanie Sullivan take you step-by-step through the entire process 
from start to finish on using Genesis paints to bring your baby to life. 
There are many, many close ups of every single step in the process so 
that you can really understand how its done. This DVD is definitely the 
next step for learning more about using Genesis Heat-set Paints in your 
reborning experience.

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