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6223 - Spec.Tech.Tutorials : Create Liflike Baby Skin

Spec. Paint Technique Guidance Charts:Create Lifelike Baby Skin

Article code: 6223

Spec.Tech.Tutorials : How to Create Lifelike Baby Skin


Learn how to paint lifelike baby skin!

Blush, veins and all other newborn colors form under the skin creating a texture. A newborn baby's skin has not only color but a visual texture to it as well. If you have too much then your baby will have chalky-looking skin. But if you don't have enough your baby's skin may look like un-textured plastic. This Special Technique Tutorial teaches you about the tools and supplies needed and how to use them to get the best results. Below is a list of tools and supplies suggested for this program:
  • Authentic Reborn Skin Texture Foundation Paint
  • Mushroom Sponge Set
  • Flat Glass Palette - 8"
  • Craft Sticks

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