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6931 Doll Kit 22" : Raspberry - Head and Limbs

Raspberry is about 22" long

Article code: 6931

22" Raspberry - Head & limbs

Raspberry comes in Secrist's own special baby-soft vinyl that is translucent just like a real baby's skin. She comes unpainted and unassembled. 

Newborned by Rina Muller. 

You can choose from the following limbs: 
  • 22" - 1/4 Numbles Limbs
  • 22" - 1/4 Droopy Limbs 
  • 22" - 3/4 Corey Limbs 
  • 22" - 3/4 Hugs Limbs
The following upgrade options are: 
  • 1/4 of 3/4 Bodies (included ty-wraps) 
  • Real Acryl Eyes 20 mm
  • Lauschear Kristall Eyes 20 mm 

22" - 1/4 Numbles Limbs
22"- 1/4 Droopy Limbs

22" 3/4 Hugs Limbs
22" 3/4 Corey Limbs

1/4 Cotton Body
3/4 Cotton Body
Close-up Suede-like Body
Alle Bodies are included ty-wraps
3/4 Doe Suede-Like Body

Choose eye colour: 
  • Real Acryl Eyes
Our eyes are all made in the USA from the highest quality optical grade acrylic. They will not change color or fade over time. 
Secrist doll kits only require half round eyes, which is the standard eye we sell. However, when using the sculpting form or for porcelain dolls you may need full round eyes. Please select check the option for full round eyes when making your purchase if full rounds are needed.  

Chocolat Brown
Ocean Green
Tyger eye Brown
victorian Blue
Dark Brown
Darling Blue
Dark Blue

  • Lauschaer Designer Figure Eyes Massive Halfrounde Eyes
Doll's eyes are worked out of a glass blank. For this you need the desired basic colour, the iris drawing rod and crystal glass. The pupil of most eyes is additionally spotted by a topaz coloured ring. After that the crystal is applied to give a depth effect and a special glance to the eyes. 
Antik Grau

Dunkel Grün-Grau

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