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7015 Body : Preemie Vinyl Body Torso

Add a belly and a little bottom to your baby!

Article code: AW380100

Preemie Vinyl Torso / Body Plate

This vinyl body can be trimmed to fit your preemie doll! Give your baby an
adorable little belly or little bottom. Does not come painted or trimmed.
Important note: 
The vinyl torso is a universal size for preemie dolls between 15" and 18" in
length. You will need to trim the neck opening to accommodate certain size
preemies including the Secrist Preemies. This torso functions best when the
body is split down the sides creating a front tummy plate and a back tushie
(rear) plate. 
The body plate does not come painted or trimmed. 
It comes as shown below.

€ 21.95