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9100 - RealEffect Rooting Special DVD Engelstalig

Article code: 9100

REAL EFFECT - Rooting Special DVD- 

We are tremendously proud to present you with this brand new Real Effect "Rooting Special" DVD

For the second time in Real Effect history we have teamed up with IDEX award winning artist Petra Seiffert to bring you a state of the art Rooting DVD.
Who better to help guide you through the world of rooting than 2006 IDEX award winner Petra Seiffert.

Once again the production of this DVD is of the highest quality, with extra close ups using high resolution camaras to bring the world of rooting hair by hair closer to you. 
André Flottmann, Director of Nicky Creation who was on the jury of the IDEX 2007 has contributed using specialist knowledge of the rooting needles and has found the best Mohair available for you, then the best DVD needs the best products.
Watch Petra show you how to make light work of the babies crown, fringe, hair styling and specialist rooting techniques such as her special "Light Reflex" technique to give your baby that extra something.

This DVD is for artists and collectors alike, both of which can benefit from what seeing what makes up a truely world class rooted baby.
The easy to use menus allow you to choose what you want to learn next and you can navigate the DVD with ease.
Welcome to RealEffect - Rooting Special - the film

Running time: 80 Minutes
Artists: Petra Seiffert, Produkt specialist: André Flottmann, English Translator: James Carlsson, Camera: Stefanie Narbe, Michael Grothe, Tone: Stefanie Narbe Schnitt: Michael Grothe, Mastering und Menu: Christopher Lorenz, Cover und CD Organisation: Sebastian Scherhans, produced by Nicky Creation AF GmbH, Pastor-Kruse-Str.22, 33719 Bielefeld

All rights to the recordings and proceedures are owned by makers.

WARNING: These DVDs contain a tracker which means that if ilegal copie are made the makers can tack where these copies have been made from using the DVD ID number. We have decided to do this in order to protect the rights in our possesion.

Why have we done this, if we didnt then we would have to charge more for the DVDs to cover the threat and damage to our revenue of piracy. For this reason we want to protect ourselves and you as a consumer.

Any illegal copies that are made will be subject to prosecution and there will be no exceptions made. The penalty for unrightfully copying DVDs can reach up to €5000.
We will reward anyone whose information about a piracy of our DVD that leads to a prosecution with a reward of €250.
Make sure your DVD is an authentic copy

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