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9101 - RealEffect Instructional DVD Duitstalig

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RealEffect Instructional DVD

REAL EFFECT - The Film - DVD (actually available from the 12th september 2006)
Reborn Dolls with Real Effects - Language: English and German! We proudly present to you the first Real Effect film to help you create realistic babydolls.

This Video DVD is produced in high definition DVD quality. Many closeups make it easy for you to understand the "RealEffect" technique of two of the leading artists worldwide: Petra Seiffert and Nicole Middendorf - who won four of the seven awards at the "first international reborn convention" in Las Vegas, at the IDEX exhibition.

The artists won the following awards:

* Best Rooting (Petra Seiffert)
* Best overall colour application ( Nicole Middendorf )
* Best presentation/ Best emotionlal appeal ( Nicole Middendorf )
* Best Reborn of the Year ( Nicole Middendorf )

This DVD is not only a training film for doll makers, it´s also a guide for doll buyers - because there are many "quality steps shown which are important in creating a "perfect reborn doll".

It is full of the necessary know-how to help you make a real, quality Reborn Babydoll. 

Its easy to navigate with the menu.

A list of the materials and tools make it easy for beginners to order their first equipment.

The "RealEffect DVD" gives the aspiring artist the possibility to come into game at the highest level and gives the professional many tips to get the most out of their technique. 

RealEffect - The Film

Time: 100 Minutes (1:40 h)
Artists: Petra Seiffert, Nicole Middendorf, Moderator: André Flottmann(German) James Carlsson (English), Camera: Stefanie Narbe, Michael Grothe, Voice: Thomas Hoffmann, Cut: Michael Grothe, Mastering and Menu: Christopher Lorenz, Cover: Katrin Rolf, produced by Nicky Creation GmbH, Pastor-Kruse-Str.22, 33719 Bielefeld.

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