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9862 - Real Effect SET 8 zum TOP Preis Nicky Creation

Nicky Creation & Da Vinci Germany

Article code: 9862

Real Effect SET 8 brushes for a special price

This set contains the brushes RE 01-08. They are all hand made by DaVinci in Germany.
The normal price for the brushes individually is €73,40. For a complete product description see the descriptions for each brush.

Together with DaVinci, Nicole Middendorf and Petra Seiffert, we have created a brush set with an extra touch of class, one that you can use to the full to create "Real Effects" with.
This offer gives you absolutely premium quality brushes from German manufacturer DaVinci at top prices. The brushes are handmade and havebeen created using specially chosen goats hair.If it says Kolinsky on it, thats what it means and thats 100%
Look at the price of the set, which is for 8 special brushes.

Cleaning and care for the brushes: Clean the brushes using first with diluted soapy water, and then in a circular motion, under running fresh water, gently rub the brush in the palm of your hand to remove the last bits of paint and rinse well.For drying, make sure the hairs of the brush are back in their original shape and then leave to dry. By following this advice you can get 30 years out of your brush set and enjoy top quality brushes over a long time.

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