> Per-Order Reborn Babies <

A pre-order is a reservation of a limited or not reborn kit. 
A Rebornkit a not a completed reborndoll.

You pay a portion in advance for pre_order, Pre-order has to be paid the in advance to ensure reservation. Remaining balance must be paid before the order will be despatched.You will receive a 2nd invoice and/or a payment request (through Paypal) in advance.

The payment of a pre-order can not be refunded. All prices in the shop are in Euro's including VAT and excluding shipping costs. 
Shipping costs will be determined regarding weight and country.

** The deposit of a pre-order can not -refundable and not-transferable!.
Pre-order deposit is REQUIRED to pre-order this doll kit (each sold separately)!
All prices in the shop are in Euro including VAT and excluding shipping costs. Shipping costs are determined by weight and country.

AW300298 - Dollkit 22 - Sue Sue  Limited  999 - € 92,90 - Pre Order

AW300296 - Dollkit 20 - Mika Limited Edition - € 99,90 - Pre Order

AW300294 - Dollkit 18  - Frida  Limited 800 - € 104,90 - Pre Order

AW300292 - Dollkit 18  - SaRyah  Limited 1000 - € 94,90 - Pre Order

AW300279 - Dollkit 19 - Elea  Limited Edition 450 pc- €79,95 - Pre Order